Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day Three - Nothing happened or at least nothing that I remember

Banerjee came in at about 9:30 AM, and I spent the morning with him. I gave him a pocket camera that I had brought with me. He was thrilled. We went over to the bank next door. This time was different, the bank was just opening, and Banerjee went over to the branch manager and introduced himself to the new branch manager. Everything went smoothly after that. I did not have to wait in any line.

The rest of the morning I sat with him in his office while he tried to patch things up on a dispute between two senior doctors. It was a very tiring, laborious job requiring a lot of patience. I am glad I am not a hospital CEO.

I met Tejinder Singh at noon. He is my classmate from the good old days and is now head of the Department of Pathology. There was an unexpected opening in the lecture schedule for third year medical students that  afternoon. He asked me if I wanted to fill in and give a lecture today. So I gave my “Introduction to Medical Ethics” lecture. At my request, Tejinder had placed a staff doctor in the room to see how the lecture went. I have yet to receive her feedback.

Goel came at about 4:00 PM to pick me up to have dinner with him at his house. I was so tired that I told him some other time. Later on I called him to apologize. He had come all this way but I was like a zombie.

I went to sleep at about 8:00 PM and got up at 2:00 AM, no Xanax tonight. At 2:30 AM I called home. It was a good time to call.

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