Saturday, November 20, 2010

Be ready for what is coming next!

An old medical school classmate invited CM Goel and me to lunch at his home today. He and his wife both have M.D. degrees with specializations in different medical fields. There was a poster of an old man in the dining area and so I asked who the person was. The wife replied that it was Lord Brahma. I have seen several depictions of Lord Brahma but had never seen him shown as an ordinary old man. She explained to me that she and her husband belong to the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University. She described in great detail how we are in the tail end of a period called the Kalayuga (It is called Iron Age by BKSU, a more appropriate translation would be age of darkness, it has nothing to do with the Iron Age, Bronze Age etc.).

This age will end one hundred years from now and then the Golden Age will dawn. But only 900,000 souls will enter the Golden Age. There are a total of 6,000,000,000 human souls in the universe. (Goel wanted to know about the souls in the dogs! They explained that animals have different souls. Only human souls are reborn in human form again and again.) So the extra human souls will be in a kind of limbo for the next 12,500 years. Then the Silver Age will begin. Only through meditation and learning to respect your soul, can you assure that your soul will be one of the 900,000 chosen to go on to the Golden Age.

Indian Swastika
This is the Indian Swastika. It depicts the four periods, each lasting 12,500 years. The top vertical arm shows time going to the Golden Age. The upper right hand square is the area of the Golden Age. It describes the deterioration of human beings as they lose their virtues. As you go clockwise you will see that  human souls are losing the virtues. We are almost at the transition. The green area is all the time left between now and the apocalypse that will signal the start of the Golden Age.

This is the depiction of the three worlds. On the bottom is the physical world, consisting of our solar system with us in it. On the top is the soul world. The Supreme Soul is on the top and below Him are the souls of all others. Human and animal souls are all there. The souls go through the subtle world to come to the physical world. Here you are born again and again till you merge with the Supreme Soul.


  1. I just don't know how I am going to break the news to my Ancient Jewish History Professor that he is wrong about the Iron Age. He is under the impression that the Iron Age was from ca. 1200 to 586 B.C.E. Who knew that it was still going on. Anyway seriously though I found this interesting I always like to see other peoples ideas about life/death, the continuation of life/death, and the end times which for this means I am going to have to be stuck in limbo for 12,500 stinkin years. Anyway interesting.

  2. So according to most estimates, human population will grow to around 8-12 billion in the next 100 years. Does this mean there would be billions of people walking around without souls? Or can one soul be divided up into many different bodies? Or maybe some of the dog souls can be upgraded to human form?

  3. Kaene: The Iron Age description was not right because of the problem of translation. The right word in Hindi is Kalyuga. It means the age of darkness, that is the age we are in. The BrahmaKumari people made a wrong/bad translation. The part about you getting stuck in limbo does not surprise me :)