Saturday, November 13, 2010

Satish – Is he American or Indian?

In response to my blog on “Medical Emergency” and others, I heard that there have been comments like, “Satish, he grew up here. He worked on these floors. How can he say things like that?” and I have received emails saying, “Are you not trashing India?”

In response to the first comment, I plead guilty. I grew up here in India, but I spent only five years of my adult life in India and have spent thirty-seven years of my adult life in USA. If one is not influenced by his environment in thirty-seven years, he is not normal. I remember working here in Irwin Hospital. The more I stay here the more the memories are coming back. I am sure if I stay here a year or two, I will see it the way I used to see it. But right now, I am just writing what I see and feel.

Trashing India is not the right description of my blogging. India is so big, there are aspects of India that are admirable and others that are deplorable. If you read the blog carefully you will find that I have never said anything derogatory about people. I love the people here and that is why I am here. But when some conditions are pathetic, I write about them the way I see them.

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