Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things we take for granted

The other day, early morning, the water stopped. I almost went into a panic. I had to go number two. How was I going to wash my hands! Fortunately the water flow was restored after a few minutes. I remember the old days when the water would stop for hours at a time, almost on a daily basis. We used to have buckets of water stored, as soon as water was available, in case the water stopped. Now we are so spoiled by running water that we take it for granted.

My laptop crashed really badly. I reinstalled Windows 7. It took me a whole day. It crashed again. Then I realized how we take computers for granted when they are working fine. I called the tech support and reinstalled Windows again. I am being very careful with the laptop. I am using it more or less as a desktop. There is some problem with the USB-internet modem and the laptop going into hibernation. The USB modem does not like it.

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