Saturday, November 13, 2010

Public Causes Research Foundation

PCRF is a foundation started by Arvind Kejriwal. The purpose of the organization is to do research in all matters that help the public. At the present time, the emphasis is on implementation of the Right to Information Act. I had the opportunity to visit the PCRF office and talk to a few of the young men and women working there. I am writing about them to give you an idea of what kind of people are working there, and why. Not everyone is included here. My apologies to those that I did not have time to talk to with.

Neeraj Kumar

Neeraj is the veteran and has worked with Arvind for about nine years. He has M.Com degree from Benaras Hindu University. He came to Delhi to take an examination for some job but met Arvind and began studying the Public Distribution System. He knew he had to do something about that. You can find out about RTI and its use in improving the Public Distribution System by googling it. He recently got married. I asked him what his plans are for the future now that he is married. How is he going to support a family on the meager salaries being handed out at PCRF? He said he had not given it much thought.

Debjani Basu

Debjani finished her post graduate in political science from JN University and started working at PCRF about four months back. She is currently involved in the analysis of CIC decisions. She says she has great job satisfaction here and is not working for money. Her monthly salary is Rs 10,000.

Ramlal Rai

Ramlal obtained a Master of Philosephy degree from JN University and started working for the Punjab Government at Rs. 23,000 a month. He came to PCRF and started working here about one month back. He does not know what his salary is going to be as he has not discussed the salary yet. He can read Kannada since he is originally from Karnatka. He is analyzing the decisions of SCI of Karnatka. These decisions are in Kannada. Ramlal analyzes them and translates some of them into English. He said he loves working here because no one can do what he does.
Firoz Khan

Firoz is a graduate of Delhi University with a B. Com. He worked in a private bank and got fed up with corruption in the private banking system. He started working for PCRF about two years back. He was a volunteer for Parivartan for about six years.


  1. Hello Satish,
    Amanda and I had lunch with Ann today and she told us all about your adventure. I loved every one of your posts. I had no idea you were so witty!. I am looking forward to reading as your time passes. Take care and keep healthy..!!! Lori Flagg