Sunday, November 28, 2010

Editorial in Indian Newspaper

This is the editorial by The Pundit in the daily newspaper The Hindustan Times. It is one of the largest newspapers in India. Since it is hard to read, I have downloaded the text from its web site. Here is the text.

She's Dubya's double
Geography and politics are not Sarah Palin's strength
This could be a boon for nations like N Korea & Pakistan

"The geographically-challenged Sarah Palin is always good for a few laughs. But when she mixes up a nuclear-armed rogue North Korea with America's ally South Korea, people should be afraid, very afraid. In the recent trouble between the Koreas, our Sarah made no bones about how the US should stand with its North Korean allies. When corrected, she amended it to, "And we're also bound by prudence to stand by our South Korean allies, yes."

 Not just the Americans, but the North Koreans must be terrified of Sarah becoming the main woman in the US and mistaking their beloved leader Kim Jong-Il for Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City. Anything is possible with a woman who could call feminists a cackle of rads and who called upon peaceful Muslims to "refudiate".

But we must be thankful that she has taken up where Dubya left off. We wonder why she did not get the Korean issue right by making notes on her palm as she has done before big speeches in the past. We can only assume that the breadth of her vision could be comfortably encapsulated in that space. In fact, to justify her palm propensities, she quotes God as justifying this in a passage in the Bible. Imagine if she were to drop by here when and if she become prez. She might well ask why we are not wearing feathers in our hair and brandishing tomahawks.

Her celebration of ignorance might prove a boon to countries like North Korea and Pakistan. "Asif, who are these people with strange, ticking steel devices strapped to themselves?" Old Zardari would answer, "Oh, they are part of our meteorological team out to record the ambient air quality." To which Sarah might respond that this is a skill sorely lacking in America. Meanwhile, let us hope that Sarah with her telescope vision is looking beyond Russia which she can see clearly from her window in Alaska and keeping an eye on North Korea, sorry South Korea, oh, okay, someplace out there."


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  2. I was laughing really hard when I read this, but then I realized that there are a lot of people who would vote for Palin, and then the paper wasn't as funny.