Thursday, November 25, 2010

Silver Lining in the Clouds

I was talking politics with the auto-rickshawalla, on my way to my favorite place for lunch -- "Haldiram" in Connaught Place. There were elections in the state of Bihar and the results were declared yesterday. Bihar is one of the poorest of the Indian states and it has the second highest population. It was ruled by the party of Laloo Prasad for about 15 years. He was very arrogant and incompetent. The auto-rickshawalla told me that Laloo's slogan was:

"So long as Samosas have Aloo
Bihar State will have Laloo!"

Five years ago the people booted him out but his followers kept a good chunk of legislative seats. The new Chief Minister was Nitish Kumar. The newspapers could not say enough good things about him. How hard working and incorruptible he was. He worked twelwe hours a day and made good on his promises. So now the people have voted for his party and associated parties. They have 84% of the seats in the legislature!

I guess Laloo will have to make his own samosas now, without Aloo!

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