Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Barber Shop

While on a quasi-purposive walk today I saw a saloon in Connaught Place. So I decided to have a hair cut and some highlighting of my hair. The barber looked like a kid. He was moving fast thru my hair with his scissors making a lot of noise. It went on and on. I am not usually in the habit of watching myself in the mirror. I usually close my eyes and relax. After a while I got a little worried. Was he cutting one hair at a time? Even that would not take very long since Keane has told me that my hair count consist of only two digits. Well he was being very careful. I think he would cut one hair, one tenth of an inch and then later on cut it again! Then he trimmed my mustache. This was the first time in my life someone other then me, had trimmed my mustache!

He made some horrible smelling stuff and covered my head and mustache area. I looked awful, like someone in between Groucho Marx and Adolf Hitler. After fifteen long minutes he washed it off. He washed my mustache and his fingers rubbed my lips. I did not like it. A man touching my lips. I must be homophobic or something like that. He was just doing his job. Now came the bill for Rs. 460/- I told him that Rs. 460/- was for a full head of hair. I asked for 50% discount since only 50% of my head was covered with hair. The result of all that hair chopping and slopping came out really good. I was very pleased so I left him a big tip ($2.00) !!


  1. I just have no clue on what to write about this. Obviously I am not speechless since I am still writing but I believe this is the closest I can get to it. I end with this. Wow just Wow.

  2. This really made me laugh! Is that really you in the photo? Is the Hitler mustache in style there or are you starting a new trend?

  3. i was wondering who was that in the picture? cant believe it is you!!! you better be ready to show an ID when you get back home....