Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last day in Delhi

Yesterday was pretty depressing. Today it is different. I am looking forward to getting home. There is excitement and anticipation, mixed with sadness. I have already packed two suitcases. Tomorrow I will be leaving early in the morning. The flight is at noon.

While walking past the college building I realized how the building looked so nice! Just a month back it looked like such a piece of junk. Human beings are so malleable. The building certainly will be declared uninhabitable by any western municipality. The electric wiring is pathetic. The number of working toilets is far below the minimum required by the building code, the fire exits--the less I say the better. But here in Delhi it is one of the better buildings. After spending six weeks here my perception has changed dramatically and I did not even know it. After another month I will be making statements like the ones made by one of ministers, “Delhi is a world class city!”

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