Friday, December 10, 2010

Last two lectures to the Medical Residents

In the last two days, I gave two lectures to the residents. One was about medical malpractice law and related issues. The other was about my experiences in India. There were about thirty doctors for the medical malpractice talk. It was based upon a hypothetical patient who came to hospital in a very poor condition and later expired. The talk went well, everyone was very attentive and the discussion was good.

The talk about my experiences in India did not go as well. I told them that the most frequent question I had been  asked was,"Is it better to go to USA or stay in India?" I answered that medical doctors would be better off in USA unless they had strong family ties or obligations or if their families were very wealthy.

Then I talked about how the residents kept complaining about the poor facilities and lack of basic equipment. They were right in their descriptions but I told them that they were not doing all that they could do. They could still make things better by their own actions. It was not right to say that you are not going to do the proper thing just because others are not doing it. I think I got a little carried away and it did not go well with the audience:(

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  1. Well it will be glad to have you back home but I will certainly miss the fabulous blogs. I have learned so much about India and its culture (and oddities)....Be safe!