Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Few Bites in India

Today I found out that I am going to be here in Delhi for only five more days. (My travel agent informed me that my return flight is booked now, before I did not have a definite return reservation.) So I have decided to eat plenty of what is not available in Los Angeles. See how my mind works :) I have decided to live on a balanced diet. I am going to eat plenty of fruits and then balance them with plenty of sweets! I have already described the sweets. Most of the fruits here are plentiful in Los Angeles like mango, watermelons, cantaloupes, apples and papayas. But there are some that are not available back home.

This is my favourite, Gauva. It is of a consistency somewhat firmer than an apple. Normally you eat the skin but I am peeling off the skin, just in case. It is not very sweet, just enough to make it delicious. The grapes are just to give you a perspective.

Cheekoo looks like a big kiwi fruit. But it is nothing like a kiwi. The inside is brown, my favourite color, just like me :) It has one or two large black seeds and the rest is delicious. You have to peel the skin.

Orange looks like an American orange but it peels off like a tangerine and is sweet like an orange. They have American style oranges too, they call them Keenu here. When I was here these were called Mousambi. Who knows when and why the name got changed.

I faintly remember this fruit Sitaful. It has outside appearence like a pineapple. Inside each piece comes off like pieces inside of a pomegrantes. Each piece has a large seed. There is hardly any pulp and the pulp is slimy and very sweet. No wonder I do not remeber this fruit. It is not my favourite.

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