Sunday, December 12, 2010

Second to last day in Delhi

Today is second to last day here in Delhi. There is certain sadness in leaving this medical school with the knowledge that I will not be coming back any time soon. I was hoping against hope that I will find some “connection” that will bring me back every year. I was hoping that I will be invited back. That is not going to happen. There is no room or field for me to make any positive contribution at this time.

Today is also the day to say goodbye to Dad. This is likely to be last time I will see him. It was good to see that he is such a good physical condition. He can walk pretty good. He can hear everything. He eats really well.  When I first came here I took him out for lunch. He did not like the food. Next time he had food made for me even though I had told him that I will take him out to a different place. I did not want to eat there. Anyway I ended up eating there. Next week the same thing happened. He would say yes when I told him that we were going to go out, but when I got there he would refuse to go. So the next week I picked up “Chole-Bhature” from Haldiram Restaurant and took it with me. Dad really enjoyed the chole-bhature. So I asked him whether I could bring the same next week. He said fine. I was so relieved. The chole-bhature is easy to carry and stayed pretty good for the one hour that it takes for me to pick it up and take it to dad. This week I called and told him I was coming over with chole-bhature, he said, “I cannot have chole-bhature every day! Bring something else!” Now I have to figure out what to take that will taste good after one hour of picking it up from shop. He can be a pain in the back. Well at least dad must be feeling good since he is himself again!

Dad is very sharp on some things but some things he is making up. It happens in old age and the medical term of this is confabulation. When a person cannot remember he makes it up. I know my daughter will say that her dad has done it all her life!

After lunch I said good bye to day. He asked when I was going to see him again. I said when it is the wish of God. He knew it is probably the last time he will see me. He had tears in his eyes as we said good bye.

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