Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quasi-Purposive Walking

I love walking around. It is usually with some faint or unimportant reason. But to me it looks like I have a purpose. I call it quasi-purposive walking! I was once asked what is quasi-purposive? I was in my third year of medical school. I used to read before going to classes. I knew we were studying neurology so I read the chapter after the one the teacher had talked about the day before. The chapter was on Sydenham's chorea. When I entered the room in the hospital, I was very late. All students were sitting down and Lecturer Patla Srivastava was teaching. We had two Srivastavas. One we called Patla (thin) Srivastava and the other we called Mota (Fat) Srivastava. There was a patient next to him. The patient's hands and legs were moving here and there. Srivastava asked me to describe what I was seeing. I told him it was Sydenham's chorea! Srivastava's jaw dropped. A third year student diagnosing an extremely rare disorder. Fortunately for me that was the only abnormal movement disorder I knew. He asked me to describe the movements. I had just read the book. So I repeated the text, “Sir, the patient has involuntary quasi-purposive movements.” Then he asked me what was the meaning of quasi-purposive? I had no idea!

Now I know what is quasi-purposive! Around Connaught Place I walk around as if I am shopping. Rarely I buy a thing or two. I must look lost today because a very fine gentleman told me that I was walking too slowly while crossing the road. He told me that the cars will not slow down for me. I thanked him for the information. Then he told me where I was and asked me where I was going. I had to tell him that I knew my way around. I just did not know where I was going:)


  1. And here i was googling quasi purposive movement and came across your blog. Very nice explanation. Lol.