Monday, December 6, 2010

Teaching the Residents

Today I gave a presentation to the ENT PGs (as residents are called here). There about twenty five doctors, about half staff and half PGs. I talked about Allergies of ENT. The talk went very well. The faculty members asked several questions and the PGs none. Then the chief and a few senior faculty left and I talked to the PGs. They were very interested in doing allergy testing and learning more. I had earlier thought that they were not showing any interest because they do not see allergy patients or they are missing the diagnosis. But the PGs told me that they see hundreds of allergy patients every week. But they do not have any way of testing for allergies or giving any allergy shots. In the present situation the allergies take a low priority. Anyway I told them that if they get their Department Chief’s permission and they get some patients together, I will show them allergy testing.

It was nice to see that young doctors are interested in learning. I am finding the same on medical floor. I have been a little more vocal about the medical problems and they appreciate the information.

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